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November 24, 2011
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To be stolen away from your home, to have to suffer in order to survive, and trust complete strangers with your life – could you handle it?

Unsure of where they are, or the strange circumstances of their arrival, six strangers must find it in themselves to rely on each other as a twisted being forces them to endure debilitating challenges. To him, it is all a game. He juggles their lives in his hands and laughs at their misfortunes, forcing them to turn on each other at a whim.

With such drastic differences in their worlds, can the supremely technological Gina K'Rai learn to understand and appreciate the intricacies of Naviris Divum's relationship with her Sky God? Can Queen El Shi Suma, of the Rekshuran Empire, learn to work alongside Zenzirak Tenroul, an assassin blindly killing whomever his master decides? And can Arteru Tiamta, soldier and husband trained to only obey those he deems of proven character, learn to work with Ni'Qua Cyr Iltia who has been brainwashed by his own Familiar?

And in the end, will they truly discover the meaning behind the words which stalk them in every world?
My synopsis for my NaNoWriMo - Heaven is a Metaphor. Might make it longer at some point, but I like how it reads at the moment x)

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

To follow my NaNoWriMo progress, click here: [link]

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Shadocchi Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Professional Writer
I have to say, really loving the title of this.
TehAngelsCry Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Haha thank you :) it was originally named something else... So bad I daren't even speak it! But this came to me one night and just stuck x) worked it into the story and voilą! Success :)
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